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Rules of Three Situations and three rules that apply

Hailing Requirements

  1. Protest
  2. Room at obstruction
  3. Out of control
Proper Course Requirements
  1. Boats beating to windward on opposite tacks: Starboard tack boat can not fall below a close hauled course to cause a port tack boat to further change course to avoid it. Sometimes called hunting.
  2. While on the same tack a come from behind boat that overlaps a windward boat to leeward, within 2 hull lengths abeam,cannot cause the windward boat to change it's proper course.
  3. A boat sailing off wind to a mark that normally requires a jibe to make the rounding must sail a proper course to the mark, within the zone, and make a proper rounding. Exception: Does not apply at a gate mark.
No Rights
  1. A boat tacking from head to wind to a close hauled course has no rights during this maneuver. Luffing rights are permitted during the first half of the tack.
  2. A boat returning (closing the gap) to a starting line or it's extensions, to restart, must keep clear of all boats not returning.
  3. A boat taking a penalty has no rights over any boats not taking a penalty. Other boats are not allowed to purposely alter course to interfere with the boat taking the penalty.
From Dave Peterson
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