Gunnison Cup

The "Cal Gunnison" Annual Memorial Trophy was gifted to the then Deep Creek M.Y.C. (now Sun Coast M.S.C) by Cal's brother Boyd Gunnison.

Brother Boyd gifted the memorial trophy prior to Cal's death, the reason is not exactly known, however it may have been because the Gunnison bothers had a great love for each other and both were avid sailors, or it may have been so Cal could set the rules that the trophy is sailed for.

Cal Gunnison was the President of the Gunnison Brothers Tannery which was located in Girard, PA. One of the major clients was Wilson Sporting Goods who made all of the NCAA Basketballs. With that in mind, they came up with a format for "bracket racing." The races begin with "A and B racing fleets". The top four skippers from each fleet are placed into pairing brackets which then match race, one boat against the other, until the final two are reached. The winner of that race is the "Champion" for the year.

The race is also a time for club members to celebrate the lives of those we lost the previous year.

2021 Gunnison Cup Winners

1 - Art Hawes
2 - Dick Maiese
3 - Jim Child
4 - Nick Chavasse
5 - Rolf Simonson

2020 Gunnison Cup Winners

1 - Jack Ward
2 - Jim Child
3 - Don Ouimette
4 - John Steacy
5 - Richard Greenwald

1997 Fred Roos
1998 Bill TimmisNo Picture
1999 Steve Harris
2000 Steve Harris
2001 Fred Roos
2002 Steve Harris
2003 Art Hawes
2004 Paul Newfield
2005 Frank Richards
2006 Art Hawes
2007 John Steacy
2008 Art Hawes
2009 Jack Ward
2010 Tony Burkhart
2011 Jack Ward
2012 Art Hawes
2013 Bob Graham
2014 Art Hawes
2015 Dick Maiese
2016 Ron Lacroix
2017 Art Hawes
2018Ray Corrette
2019 Art Hawes
2020Jack Ward

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