Founders Cup

The Founders Cup regatta is held annually each year in December, as the name implies it is a regatta to honor two men who are responsible for the existence of our club and perhaps several others in our area. The two men so honored are Ed Stecher and Fred Roos. These two great sailors are the ones who started the Deep Creek Model Sailing Club in 1995. Skipper Ed served as the club’s first Commodore. There was a model sailing club in Punta Gorda Isles known as Punta Gorda Model Sailing Club, history has it for a variety of reasons there was a break away thus the creation of Deep Creek Model Sailing Club. Also an additional piece of model sailing history is the Englewood Model Sailing Club was once the PGMSC it was transferred, the name changed and charter number #155 was moved. Deep Creek was required to move and it was at that time Sun Coast Model Sailing Club was born, it also was a name change keeping the charter #211.

Skipper Ed Stecher was also instrumental in the founding of the Edison Model Sailing Club where he sailed until his retirement in 2006. Skipper Fred Roos was an active sailor with Sun Coast until time of his death in 2009. (He sailed from a wheel chair and was a very hard Captain to beat)

2019 Founders Cup Winners

1John Steacy
2Ray Corrett
3Don Ouimette
4Art Hawes
5Jack Ward

Past Champions
1997Jim Hoffman 1998Fred Roos 1999Jack Burwell 2000Art Hawes
2001Paul Newfield 2002Art Hawes 2003Frank Richards 2004Art Hawes
2005Steve Harris 2006Bob Graham 2007Paul Newfield 2008Art Hawes
2009Bob Graham 2010Art Hawes 2011John Steacy 2012Jack Ward
2013Fred Fernald 2014Jack Burwell 2015Bob Graham 2016Jim Child
2017Art Hawes 2018Dick Maiese 2019John Steacy

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