Fleet Championship

The Sun Coast Model Sailing Club Fleet Championship is sailed under a unique double elimination formula:
The sailors are split in to two (2) fleets the skippers finishing last and next-to-last each get one (1) point. When a skipper accumulates two (2) points he or she is out.
When the fleets get down to 6 or 8 boats they are combined and the skipper finishing last gets one point and is out when he/she gets two points. The "last skipper standing" is crowned the Fleet Champion.

2020 Winners

3rd Don Ouimette    2nd Art Hawes    1st Jack Ward    4th Mike Rodeheaver    5th Kurt Martin

1997John RoseberryNo Picture
1998 Art Hawes
1999 Don SchweringNo Picture
2000 Bob VeelandNo Picture
2001 Steve Harris
2002 Cordell BarrowNo Picture
2003 Fred Roos
2004 Frank Richards
2005 John Steacy
2006 John Steacy
2007 Bill HartwigNo Picture
2008 Hugh Highley
2009 Bob Graham
2010 Art Hawes
2011 Bill Croft
2012 Bob Graham
2013 Art Hawes
2014 Bill Croft
2015 Ray Corrette
2016 Art Hawes
2017Doug Jones
2018 Art Hawes
2019 Bill Croft
2020 Jack Ward

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