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Welcome to the Sun Coast Model Sailing Club.

We are located in Charlotte County Florida and sail at the South County Park in Punta Gorda. We have one of the largest radio-controlled sailing clubs in the country, exceeding 80 members.

Obviously, in view of our location, the number of our active members swell during the winter season. Summer finds us still sailing, although we choose a shady side of our pond. We have an excellent venue, not too big, not too small, no weeds, plenty of parking close by and few trees.

We sail six classes of radio controlled model sailboats. The largest class is the Soling 1M. We also sail US 12, Micro Magic, Laser, DragonForce 65 and DragonFlite 95. Our pond has two distinct sailing areas so we have little trouble finding pond time.
Because we have so many boats, the Soling 1M class is broken into three divisions for our competitive winter season. We have an entry-level Bronze Fleet followed by Silver and Gold. One of our most popular activities is the instructional sailing on Monday mornings. More experienced skippers are there to help out the less experienced sailors with tuning and tactics. The club is proud to have several current and past national champions from both the United States and Canada and the first ever Soling 1M Women’s U.S. National Champion.



If you'd like to give it a try, the club has a loaner boat you can use to see how it works. Just contact our Club Secretary and come to the pond on Monday morning. A quick lesson and you'll be ready to go.

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