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There are usually several used Solings for sale, contact Paul Newfield (941-628-8802 or or Art Hawes (941-451-9144).

US12 - sail #165 - $400
Very good condition - Ready to sail
HS7954SH Winch/HS7245MH Rudder servos
No Radio - Wood sail case with "A" & "B" rigs
Aluminum lifter and wooden cradle
Contact Dick Maiese - 941-214-0227

US12 - Partially built - $400
Primed hull, deck and rudder assembly
Control board & servo arm complete
No Radio - Wood sail case with "A" & "B" rigs
wooden cradle and miscellaneous parts
Contact Dick Maiese - 941-214-0227

For Sale - DF65 - $225
Two sets of A sails and one set of B sails. Custom wooden box and a fold down stand. No Tx or Rx.
Tom Myers - 850-974-2622

US12 for sale.
Canadian version - $550 includes stand
Vector A rig, Carr B rig, sail case, lifter
Futaba radio, receiver and batteries. Really fast boat and all ready to go.
Bill Croft 613-983-5140.

US12 for sale $750
Included: “A” Rig – 1.4 mil Poly Film Walrus Sails w/ wood mast and booms
“B” Rig – TriSpi 40 Mylar Carr Sails w/ carbon fiber mast and booms
Custom brass standing rigging, custom cradle
Spektrum AR6000 2.4 mhz RX, TX required.
6v 2000mah RX battery pack

Soling 1m - Good Sails
New cradle, good servos, FM xmtr/rcvr
$375 - Contact Paul "Slip" Newfield at 941-628-8802

IOM…”KFII” For Sale - Designed by Hugh Kidd

3 Rigs with 3 suits of sails all in 2 sail boxes - Boat bag
Double rigid golf bag traveling case fitted for boat
Perfect condition - Measured and fast !
Call Skip Peerless (941 626-4970) for more pictures

Soling 1m
Complete but no Transmitter - $250
Contact Joe Lane at 417-955-1593 or 417-860-1363

US12 #59. Rebuilt last winter by Dick M. Comes with Vector A (505) and Vector B (PX75). Navy Blue hull, white bottom, cream deck. $600.00

Frank Vella

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