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There are usually several used Solings for sale, contact Paul Newfield (941-628-8802 or or Art Hawes (941-451-9144).

DragonForce 65. Asking $220, 3 sets of sails & transmitter.
Joe Lane 417-860-1363

Laser 1442
Comes complete
Ready to sale A and B rigs, transmitter and stand, batteries.
$200.00 Frank 248 563 4323

2008 US12, Hull by Don Hawes #104, finished by owner
Fiberglass White hull with Birch deck painted White. Good Sail and rudder servos
New Sirus A sail set, and Mylar B sails good on wood mast / boom setup. Cradle included.
Asking $595, Contact Dick Maiese 941-214-0227.

EC12 For Sale
1999 Ozman Hull , reg. #1461 reconditioned Hull & Deck.
New servo board with carbon arrow pulley and stainless steel retractor system. Original whirlwind sail servo works but is ready for replacement.
A & B sail rigs are round aluminum extrusion, the A rig was completely rebuilt, painted black and fitted with Stainless steel 7 strand wire with adjustable Clevis pins. The B rig is original needs upgrade. Sails are original but serviceable.
Carry cradle for hull. Asking $600.
Contact Dick Maiese - 941 214 0227.

US12 #59. Rebuilt last winter by Dick M. Comes with Vector A (505) and Vector B (PX75). Navy Blue hull, white bottom, cream deck. $600.00

Frank Vella

2 Solings, 1 US12 and 1 EC12 bare hull

Phil Phillips is putting his fleet up for sale: They are just as you all remember them as very competitive, capable and reliable boats in the hands of good captains of course. Both Soling’s are ready to sail except for receivers. The US 12 is also ready to sail except for receiver. All have excellent sails, mast and hardware. The EC 12 is a bare unfinished fiberglass hull from Canada (Bernie and Gwen) with all mast special hardware. This boat was made available to me through Bernie and might be the last one made by his friends. All of this complete with some spare sails, spare mast, carry or storage stands, etc. I would love for these to find a home back in Punta Gorda at the pond.

Open to any reasonable offers but they must be picked up or purchaser provided shipping from Wilmington, NC 28409.
Contact: Phil Phillips

EC-12 built by Dave Brawner, Osmund Hull, A and B rigs with Danny Thomas sails.
C sails w/o rig, very heavy duty Ahmen sails.
Back up A set of Jake Leo sails
Lifter, Sail Box, No radio, Set up for DF 6, Certified
Price $1550
Contact Phil Tonks for pictures and questions.

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