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SCMSC posts these ads for the convenience of its members. SCMSC does not guarantee the accuracy of the information or condition of the items. Information posted is from the seller, who is solely responsible for its accuracy.

See also the warning at the bottom of this page.

There are usually several used Solings for sale, contact Paul Newfield (941-628-8802 or slip1939@verizon.net) or Art Hawes (941-451-9144).

EC12 for sale. Dudinsky hull. John B sails. A and B rig. Sail case, Futaba Radio, lifter. Super nice boat. $1500. Contact Bill Croft crofthome@rogers.com

Soling 1M - Completely rebuilt Comes with transmitter and receiver, sails, stand.
$425 Contact Art Hawes 941-451-9144

Dragon Flite 95 for sale, still in the box. No radio version. Complete with an un-assembled B-rig. $445.

Jeff Hawley

This Soling comes with everything that is pictured. Two sets of Windjammin Sails. Futaba Transmitter & Receiver This boat is one of the top gold fleet racers. $550.00
Paul "Slip" Newfield

Soling for sale. Boat w/ radio, stand. $425 Contact Paul Newfield (941-628-8802 or slip1939@verizon.net)

John "Skip" Hickman EC 12 $985
1987 #213
Completely stripped and refitted in 2016
Hitec winch & servos
(2) Spektrum 4ch radios & receiver
(2) Rechargeable batteries & charger
SAILSetc "A" rig
Composite Mylar practice sails
Carbon Fibre wherever the class allows
More Images
Located in S Orlando, FL

EC-12 "04" $1450
Fleet Champion (2X)
A,B,C rigs w/ sail boxes
2 sail winch systems
Art Hawes (941-451-9144)

1. Laser - 4 rigs A, B, C, D Carrying case, $400
2. EC 12 - A & B Rigs, New lifter, Cradle, Sail box, Dudinsky hull and deck, $1750
3. Micro Magic - A & B Rigs, Cat sails from the UK, Cradle, $325
Contact Jack Ward 607-227-2295 jward7@comcast.net

Click for Details on an EC-12 for sale. Al Dion

Email any items you want to have posted here for sale to the webmaster.
Items will be posted for 90 days or until sold, whichever comes first.

Caveat Emptor: “let the buyer beware” / Caveat Venditor: “let the seller beware“.

Know who you’re dealing with.
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