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SCMSC Race Results

Our Winter Series consists of 10 (or 12) race days with the best 7 counted. On each race day there will be six races (no throw-outs). Sailors must compete at least 7 of the race days AND serve as race director or on the race committee one week to be counted for the championship. Races are scored "Low Point" - 1 point for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place, etc. Low points wins. Ties are broken by number of firsts. If still tied, then number of seconds, etc. Classes with significant numbers of sailors will be divided into Gold and Silver fleets (and for the Solings, also Copper and Bronze) to allow sailors to compete with others of the same ability/experience.

Club Racing Rules

To see how SCMSC members are faring in other regattas, go to the Member News page.

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2016 Winter Series All Fleets

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SCMSC Three Venue Regatta 6/23-24/2017 | Sailed at Engelwood, Punta Gorda South County Park and Edison College.
Sail # Skipper Points Place
44 Ron Lacroix 84 1
35 Art Hawes 89 2
38 Dick Maiese 91 3
73 Paul Newfield 124 4
33 Ray Corette 133 5
19 Mike Rodeheaver 149 6
90 Bruce Bradfute 176 7
01 Nick Chavasse 196 8
46 Pauline Lacroix 197 9
47 Howard Means 223 10

SCMSC Fun Regatta 5/27/2017 | Art treated the fleet to an "interesting" format for this year's Fun Regatta.

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