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Well it took some time to get around to it, but thanks to the hard work from Tom Evans and Dave Linville, the Website for the 2017 NCR in Peachtree City, Georgia is now up. The Turtle Pond MYC folks are working hard on their plans for this event. Lake McIntosh Park is a very nice venue for model boat sailing. There are no motor boats allowed on the lake except for the rescue boats used for the rowing club, so the only waves on the lake are the ones we make or Mother Nature makes. Sailing takes place an a small spit of land to the left of the boat ramp and docks. Dave said they will have a golf cart to help ferry gear from the parking lot to the race area. But, if you have a small folding cart or dolly, this is a good regatta to use. Click here for the site and all the information. Of course the site will be updated as we get closer to the regatta. The entry period does not open until the end of August, but you can start booking your hotel rooms now.
     There are more regatta reports below along with some links to very good videos from the Sailing for the Cure regatta in Detroit.

July 28, 2017
Volume 15, Issue 4

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Triangle Cup Regatta

June 24-25, by Gerry Cobley
The annual Triangle Cup Regatta was held on June 24 and 25. It was a “Tale of two Regattas” with different RD’s and very different winds on each day. The only consistent thing was Danny Thomas’s ability to get to the front of the fleet!
     Saturday, the wind was 6-8 out of the SW, a favored direction for racing at Lake Crabtree. We quickly set a windward leeward course with 9 boats on the line. It was close racing with lots of wind shifts and unexpected lulls. The wind varied from gusts of 10 only to drop to 0 for what seemed an eternity (it was only a minute or two but it seemed like hours). Those that took advantage of the wind when it blew, quickly rose to the top.
     The skippers behaved admirably. When fouls occurred, turns where made. In fact on at least two occasions top ranked skippers voluntarily did turns for hitting marks that they supposed had not been observed. I have not seen this caliber of adherence to the rules in many years of regattas. Don’t get me wrong there were disagreements, but in the end somebody did their turn and we raced on. At the end of the day we had 21 races in the books with most skippers happy to see it end (it was hot and the wind was dying). Danny Thomas finished in the lead with Skip Allen close on his heels. Everyone left the lake in good spirits looking forward a good dinner.
     In spite of fluky wind conditions from the North on Sunday, the EC12 Triangle Cup racing concluded with 10 more "hotly" contested races.  Thank you to all the skippers who made my first foray into RD'ing a regatta a pleasant and easy affair. We were able to move through the races at a steady clip as we were delayed only once when a group of top racers, in a great show of sportsmanship, joined to help a less experienced skipper set up his boat better. Kudos to all.
     Finally, congratulations to our regatta winner, Danny Thomas, for an outstanding performance with 14 bullets and 45 points after throw outs for 31 races. Oh, and thanks also to Danny for our new official TMYC starting sequence call, "Let's Dance"!
     Thanks to all, and particularly to Tom Rummage and Jacques Rioux, our RD’s and to Rick Ferguson, Jacques and Michael Roberson for help with drinks, lunches, scoring etc.

Place    Skipper                     Score       Sail#
1           Danny Thomas            45.0          05
2           Skip Allen                     77.0          77
3           Gerry Cobley                79.0          25
4           Chuck Millican             96.0          15
5           Ron Small                     119.0       69
6           Dick Proseus               143.0       19
7           Chase Thomas            172.0       78
8           Scott Vernon               205.0       42
9           Bo Jones (Sat)               223.0       89
10         Rick Ferguson (Sun)     262.0       48

Danny Thomas receives his first place prize.

Red, White and Blue Regatta

July 9, by John Muhlhausen
The morning’s 4 races were sailed in unusually light winds and big lumpy waters. At times, with no apparent wind nor direction, it appeared that a yacht’s momentum was generated solely by rocking and flapping of its sails. Fortunately the afternoon Allatoona sea breeze filled in nicely from the NW, heeling everyone over nicely at 30 degrees, allowing the yachts to slice through the waves, and providing 5 enjoyable and competitive races for the 9 participating skippers.
      As it usually happens, cream rises quickly to the top, and Skip Allen sailed consistently in both conditions and easily won the regatta with a total of 20 points, followed by Atlanta’s fleet captain, Bill Tumlin with 34 points. Jack Ward and Scott Vernon tied with 38 points with Jack winning the tie-breaker and finishing third. Others were John Muhlhausen with 43 points, Robert Mitchell with 44 points, Skip Seagall with 45 points, Jack Shepard with 46 points and Dave Pulling with 65 points.
     Robert Mitchell served as our RD and was assisted by Means Davis, Orren Williams, Kathy Bronaugh, Eddie Kuznicki and Eric Jorgensen. Beth Tumlin and Kitza Muhlhausen coordinated lunch and the after regatta refreshment hour. Thank you to all our volunteers for your services and support.

1  Skip Allen   20 points
2  Bill Tumlin   34
3  Jack Ward   38
4  Scott Vernon   38
5  John Muhlhausen   43
6  Robert Mitchell   44
7  Skip Steagall   45
8  Jack Shepard   46
9  David Pulling   69

Sailing for the Cure Regatta

July 12-15, by Ted Flack
So… after four days of racing the "Sailing For The Cure" J boat and EC12 Region 4 regatta it is all over.

The results of EC12 regatta are:
1-David Ramos
2-Ted Flack
3-Jack Ward
4-David Brawner
5-Scott Mohring
6-Jerry Leonard
7-Bob Armbruster
8-Larry Markey
9-Mike Vanover
10-Jeff Gros
11-Allen Thorson
12-Jim Bowers

We had 19 races over two days in pretty fickle conditions. Six different skippers won races in the light and variable winds.
     We ended the event with a nice dinner at Larry Markey's shop, played with RC cars, drones, racing simulator and a few Ferrari rides. I think it is safe to say that everyone had a lot of fun. Thank you Larry for doing that for us all.
     Thank you to everyone who attended and also to all the Detroit Model Yacht Club members that gave up their time to come out and help run the events. Dave Brawner won the Go Kart part of the weekend over Larry Markey and Dave Ramos.
     Also I am really happy to say that we received a lot of donations to the American Cancer Society in my wife Celeste's name. Thank you to everyone that donated. Also thank you to everyone that attended since some of the entry fee will also be donated. You can't imagine how much this means to me.

And... The J's raced Wednesday and Thursday in a nice breeze, Wednesday we got chased off the lake by t-storms but Thursday was nice sailing.

1-That Ramos guy
2-Eric Reno
3-Jeff Gros and Jack Ward
4-Bob Armbruster
5-Ken Young
6-Allen Thorson

Click here for the EC12 video by Richard Mette
Click here for the J Class video by Richard Mette

Heat Wave Regatta

July 16, by Joe Walter
Well the Heat Wave regatta did not disappoint in the HEAT department. The temperature was around 94 but with the heat index it felt like 102. The wind played with us for a while. Frequent shifts as big as 180 degrees and speeds from nothing to 5 mph. We sailed 6 races before lunch on a short course but with 5 legs so it did not seem short. Alan Perkins was up front most of the time as usual, but he was being chased hard by Chuck Millican.
     After lunch the wind started to fill in and Jon Luscomb set out in the chase boat to make a longer course. It was a very nice course and we were all getting happy about sailing in some consistent wind. But after just two more heats, the sky opened up. The rain didn't last long, but there was more coming with lots of lightning. One-by-one, skippers decided they had had enough and did not like the thought of any more rain with lightning, so we called it a day and tallied the scores.
     Score keeping was done by the first and second place skippers of each race. First place would pick up the clipboard at the finish line and second place would help call out the rest of the finishers.

1. Alan Perkins      10
2. Chuck Millican   22
3. Joe Walter         28
4. Robert Greer     29
5. Jon Luscomb     32
6. Liz Perkins         51
7. Tom Phillips       52
8. Tim Benner        54
9. Brenda Pardee  55
10. Jim Rutherford 59
11. Tom Germer     62
12. Jim Pardee      63
13. Frank Ligon      86
14. Ned Nielsen      87

     All protests were settled on the water and they were few. I made a rule at the skipper's meeting that said anyone who does not do a turn on the water, will go to a mandatory protest hearing where ALL the other skippers will be judges. Not sure if that is the reason we had no protest hearings, but it was nice that everyone got along on the water.
     We did not promise any prizes for this regatta, but Tom Phillips picked up two bottles of Datil Do'it Hot Sauce made here in St. Augustine. Alan Perkins got a bottle for coming in first and Ned Nielsen got a bottle for coming in last so he feels good about sailing toy boats. I sure hope he comes back to sail with us again.
     I want to thank all the skippers for sailing clean and making this a really fun day in the heat. I really need to thank Tom Phillips, Jon Luscomb, John Bottensek, Brenda Pardee, and Jim Pardee for helping me set up and take down all the gear, marks etc.

The fleet of skippers from L to R. Tom Germer, Tim Benner, Liz Perkins, Brenda Pardee, Tom Phillips,
My boat standing in for me as I take the photo, Frank Ligon, Jim Rutherford, Ned Nielsen, Alan Perkins,
Chuck Millican, Jon Luscomb, and Robert Greer. Jim Pardee was there somewhere.

Upcoming Events

Aug 5, Spirit of Redd's, Marblehead MA
Aug 19-20, Roar at the Shore, Spring Lake NJ
Aug 19, Possible New England one-day regatta, TBD

Sept 9-10, Tilghman Regatta, Region 2 Championship, Tilghman Island MD
Sept 16-17, Wisteria Cup, Charleston SC
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