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A word from our Commodore

It has been a difficult year for Suncoast Model Sailing Club. We have lost a number of members : Les Radeunz, Len Redon, Bill Brown and Bruce Bradfute. One of my sailing friends on the east coast, Gerd Peterson also passed away. Dean Lardie, Dick Maiese and Gibby Loesel lost spouses. Not good.

On a more positive note, our facilities are looking really good. In spite of the really low water during the summer and really high water during the fall, all of our marks are in good shape. We have a new (to us) crash boat having sold our old one. A real improvement are the crushed stone walkways on both sides of the pond. While grass is beginning to grow, that grass is beginning to be controlled. No longer do we have to rely on the chalk lines.

People are beginning to return and the activity is increasing. Several of our members, myself and Jack for example, are involved in some important regattas. Jack and I will be going to Huntsville Alabama for the Dragonforce 65 nationals. Also, we have some participation in the Soling nationals in the villages. A bunch of other activities around the country. Unfortunately, we will not have participants in the Dragonflight 95 nationals to be held in Naples but I intend to spectate.

We have a number of people who are interested in joining the club. We have heard from people who may be interested in sailing Solings or sailing in one of the Dragon fleets. SCMSC is alive and well.

Jeff Hawley, Commodore